Heaven’s Joy  (Bonheur Du Ciel) Association is a spiritual apostolic, charitable and social, non-political and non-profit association, duly registered before the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities and licensed according to memorandum and notification No. 396 dated March 27, 2008. Its founder is Father Majdi Al Alawi belief that love is the drug for each wounded, hungry, thirsty, oppressed, addicted, is up.

Some of the association’s activities include but are not limited to:

Drug Addicts Treatment Centers ( Karyet el ensen ):

Religious-Organiziation: The “Bonheur du Ciel” association (sa3adat al sama) is an organization which accommodates drug addicted young men. We believe that The Christ is the greatest healer, that’s why we use the “Christotherapy”. There are only 1-7% of people succeeding in civil rehabilitation centers. In centers like ours there’s 70% of success. The therapy takes 12 months to be accomplished. We believe that The Christ is the greatest healer, that’s why we use the “Christotherapy”. 

*There is no entry fee: nor are there any fixed fees; each family collaborates according to its capacity.

The beauty of Christian life To those we welcome, we propose a way of life that is simple, familial, disciplined, based on rediscovering the essential gifts of prayer and work of true friendship, of sacrifice, and of the living faith in Jesus. The spirituality of Community is profoundly Eucharistic. We alternate moments of prayer (Rosary, Eucharistic Adoration…), of work, and of deep sharing of our own life in front of the Word of God and the brothers, of fun and celebration. We believe that a Christian life in its simplicity and fullness is the real answer to every restless heart, and that the meeting with God gives a rebirth to hope.

Young Men Difficulty For the men who wish to enter, some preliminary meetings during which one is made aware of the reality and the style of life of the Community, and where we verify the desire of the young man to change, learning about his real problems and assessing if we are able to help him.

We do not take in persons with psychological problems (schizophrenia, or serious mental disturbances): our experience has taught us that our demanding and very regulated style of life, does not help such persons to resolve their problems, and neither are we able to provide them the constant special medical aid that they need.

*Sacrifice: We don't drink (alcohol of course..). We only watch nice movies, tele lumiere or sporting games together. We listen to clean music. We cannot receive phone calls for a while (usually 3 months) unless it’s an absolute necessity.
All this so that one can concentrate totally on himself without running away and without external distractions, to allow this time to be fruitful for life. Through this, we experience that real joy does not come from things we have, does not depend on things around us, but on who we are inside. Each and every one of us before had everything, but we were unhappy: today, in a simple, clean, and true life, we have joy in the heart and the will to live! The schedule that Community proposes is the same for everyone, and that is because the goal to attain is the same for everyone, to learn how to live our life with serenity in the light of the Word of God and of a true relationship with the brothers and sisters of the Community.

Karyet Maryam:

Karyet Maryam is the house of the village boys who cares measure them life, our primary goal is to compensate them for the attention and affection they lost their homes in addition to helping them in life at all levels, psychological, spiritual, social ... 

Sophie's house (Beit Soffy) :

For each inhabitant of this house a story can not be validated by the suffering of the person being subjected to pain and torture. However, father Majdi who met every single one of them, whatever their problem, with love and humanity that does not differentiate, he provide them protection, safety, and get rid of the painful past indelible between night and other. They found in the "House of Sophie" freedom as children of God, and the respect and appreciation, and most importantly to maintain the dignity and pride. However, the required stays more than that, a follow-up to these people and to accompany them and to find people who have a sense of humanity, to provide solutions to their problems and work to educate them and train them within the educational courses, cultivate their living from the sweat of their brows, in the future . 

“Beit Allah Mahabba” for the homeless” :

It is a center for the reception of the homeless who have no shelter and who have been rendered homeless and beggars on the streets because of tough conditions. The center accommodates eighteen people and provides them with shelter, one meal per day and two meals on Sunday. They can also wash their clothes in addition to other basic homehold needs, in addition to care and spiritual guidance.

The house of the good samaritan :

Is the house for battered women with their children, and also cares about the children left behind. 
The center provides them with shelter, food, legal papers and medical conditions.

House of my son ( Beit ibny ) :

Is the house for the care and protection of juveniles who have decisions to protect, are rehabilitated and strengthen their abilities through vocational training and education, as well as professional and educational guidance and health education and psychological support, we are in the house of my son to build the event entity and help them overcome the oppressive past in which he was, and help him to form his character and to engage once again in the community.

House of mother Teresa Dekalkit :

Is the house who take care of abandoned elderly men who are homeless and do not have family.
This house provides shelter, food and medical care in addition to the service right for them to spend the rest of their life in dignity.

Wednesday market : 

Provides free food and clothes to Lebanese and foreign families.

Hair cut saloon :

Each barber services in this saloon is free! Doors open from Monday to Friday and from three in the afternoon until seven in the holidays of course, to be a place for each needy cared for external appearance. Visitors to the salon does not have a specific identity. Place they like and are comfortable to him. Walk in and out with a new hair cut and the price is just "THANK YOU". 

Chicken joy's of heaven :

Provides weekly free broiler to Lebanese and foreign families.

Joy's of heaven Burger :

Provides free burger meals.

Snack & cafe :

Restaurant that servers free food for homeless and needy families (approximately 200 persons per day) located in Bourj Hammoud - Tripoli - Aiin El Remeneh - Furn el chebek - Hadath - Chekka - Jbeil. Food is served by volunteers who welcome people from all races, sects and areas, no matter what their religion or their nationality is so they can taste delicious and healthy meals. Free restaurant for homeless and refugees. All people are invited to eat together side by side and all other help goes to whoever needs it. The help you send goes straight to them, so they can do more good things.


For more information call :

Help Center : 961-01-255220

Father Majdi Allawi : 961-03-125347

info@bonheurduciel.com | bonheurduciel@live.com